Glynn Testimonal

Glynn - Manufacturer - June 2022

"Very surprised to get assistance so early in the morning. excellent response problem solved promptly."

Susan Testimonal

Susan - Charity - June 2022

"Richard sorted the problem and did an update on my laptop as well. He mailed me to see if the problem was sorted- which was a good job as I had forgotten to get back to him.  Thank you!"

Malcolm Testimonal

Malcolm - Distributor - June 2022

"Yes, this is not the first time I have had contact with you Guys..I found you most helpful for setting up an email address on my Samsung, with 2 very helpful guys, Nathan and Jack.  Well done to your business."

Bethan Testimonal

Bethan - Charity - June 2022

"It was nice to feel as though we were in experienced hands without being made to feel totally useless IT wise. The feeling of confidence I now have is priceless!  THANK YOU!"

Wendy Testimonal

Wendy - PR & Marketing Agency - May 2022

"First contact with Convene and Nathan was a pleasure to work with, calm and confident and solved the problem immediately."

Nigel Testimonal

Nigel - Laboratory - May 2022

"Such a great service, Rachel and her colleague Jack were able to resolve the profiile issues I had last week. I didn't ever get the impression they were irritated by the amount of times I called them!"

Lindsay Testimonal

Lindsay - Manufacturer - May 2022

"Craig was very helpful as he stayed on the phone whilst we had issues uploading a new message onto our telephone system."

Matt Testimonal

Matt - Consultant - May 2022

"Rachel is a great member of staff, nothing is to much trouble, she knows what she’s doing and she sorted my sound issue out within 30 mins!"

Paula Testimonal

Paula - Charity - April 2022

"It was the first time I have used this service as I am new to our company so I was a bit concerned dealing with your company as I am not that computer savvy but it was fast and so easy the person who helped me was knowledgeable and friendly Im very impressed thank you for your help will look forward to using your service again."

Lance Testimonal

Lance - Accountant - April 2022

"Ian kept us upto date throughtout the process and even before he started wth detailed preparation. The updates were all done in the expected time and
we would like to thank Ian for all his help."

Diane Testimonal

Diane - Laboratory - April 2022

"Really responsive, I called about 10 minutes before 5pm, not really expecting an answer. I got an instant response and was back online so quickly. Really cheerful and super-helpful staff."

Hayley Testimonal

Hayley - Charity - April 2022

"Wanted to say a big thank you to Shaun for setting up all our new laptops. There was a big list to get through, he kept us up to date on the progress throughout and we appreciate all the hard work getting these sorted in time for our new starters joining us today. Thanks again."

David Testimonal

David - Haulage - March 2022

"David, was very conscientious and stuck to completing the task in hand even when the issue took longer than it was anticipated on my laptop."

Sally Testimonal

Sally - PR Agency - March 2022

"Everyone involved tried their best to fix our Broadband issue, turns out BT had disconnected the line, so nothing could be done till that was fixed. But Lee still stayed and tried everything before we realised only BT could sort it."

Suzanne Testimonal

Suzanne - Charity - March 2022

"Thanks so much for adding Bluetooth to my new laptop - much appreciated and a great service as always :-)"

Adam Testimonal

Adam - Wholesaler - March 2022

"Rachel was outstanding this morning; not just in resolving our issue at an incredible speed ahead of a very important meeting but she did all this whilst being friendly, funny and super efficient. Thank you Rachel!"

Nick Testimonal

Nick - Architect - Feb 2022

"Great work, took some digging to find where the blockage to a website was but Jack kept going until resolved.  Many Thanks, Nick"

Julie Testimonal

Julie - Charity - Feb 2022

"Brilliant support day - we are really benefiting as an organisation from these monthly support days. Thank you Peter you are a star."

Adam Testimonal

Adam - Manufacturer - Feb 2022

"I cannot fault, in any way, the service we receive from Convene IT. In true testament to their service levels, Craig was outstanding at helping to understand and resolve our challenge very quickly. A huge thanks to Craig!"

John Testimonal

John - Engineer - Feb 2022

"Martyn was absolutely brilliant with this issue. I was genuinely amazed at how quickly he was able to assist and resolve the problem.  I had a similar issue in the past that took weeks to resolve and still lost a lot of data but everything is still here and back to full speed straight away.  A massive thank you to Martyn for this and for putting up with my endless questions about what he was doing."

Mark Testimonal

Mark - Engineer - Jan 2022

"Heroes normally wear capes, but the heroes at Convene may be excused from that attire.  Thanks again for your assistance."

Antonia Testimonal

Antonia - Manufacturer - Jan 2022

"Lee did a fantastic job getting our operating system up & running after our server gave up the ghost. It is now working perfectly."

Tracey Testimonal

Tracey - Charity - Jan 2022

"Wow! I sent support ticket at 4:50pm expecting it to be dealt with the following day - but no Jacob was on form and had sorted and responded by 5.15pm :-) Thank you"

Nick Testimonal

Nick - Architect - Jan 2022

"Very helpful in sorting out a failed hard drive over Christmas and setting it all back up on the system today.  All the best for the New Year."

Lance Testimonal

Lance - Accountants - Dec 2021

"As usual you 'go the extra mile'. Ken was very efficient and most helpful. Especially re-locating one of the new computers he had just in the wrong place because I messed up"

Sue Testimonal

Sue - Recruitment - Dec 2021

"Rachel was really helpful today, very patient, called back when she said she would and ultimately resolved the problem, really great service thank you"

Amy Testimonal

Amy - Laboratory - Dec 2021

"Jack was great as always very helpful and quick with the solution and kept checking in to ensure everything was resolved before closing the ticket"

Chris Testimonal

Chris - Charity - Dec 2021

"Richard was very helpful and solved my problem. He spoke to me in terms i could understand and helped me navigate my way around Teams successfully.  Thank you"

David Testimonal

David - Advertising - Nov 2021

"As always Convene are on the ball, they always deliver excellent service, fast resolutions to any issues that we have, and are professional and speedy."

Paula Testimonal

Paula - Charity - Nov 2021

"Fantastic and knowledgeable people at the end of the phone that understand that some times work is urgent."

Amy Testimonal

Amy - Manufacturer - Nov 2021

"Ticket response was actioned promptly by Karolina, who gave ongoing support to other colleagues within the company to run a safety scan after the email threat."

Beth Testimonal

Beth - Manufacturer - Nov 2021

"We have had a lengthy issue with our broadband which Lee and also Joe have helped with tremendously. We finally got to the bottom of the problem and if it wasn't for their help we would have been really stuck!  Great and consistent communication throughout and they were always on hand to help, especially when we needed to get engineers involved."

Chelsie Testimonal

Chelsie - Charity - Oct 2021

"Your operative was really helpful and friendly. She resolved the issue speedily and I feel confident I know how to sort it myself next time. Thanks"

Stuart Testimonal

Stuart - Accountants - Oct 2021

"As ever Ian was able to sort out my problem.  In his usual efficient manner and putting you at ease."

Lindsey Testimonal

Lindsey - Charity - Oct 2021

"Solid gold service as always. Nathan was patient, friendly & got the problem solved. Nathan & everyone who I have ever encountered at Convene are awesome. Got to be the best IT service around, for sure."

Jayne Testimonal

Jayne - Union - Oct 2021

"Rachel went above and beyond in setting up and sorting my laptop.  She has been in constant touch over a period of days to get it up and running, she also explained what she has been doing and shown great patience especially when directing me to do anything from my end, me being a complete technophobe!! Never giving up if there was a hitch. 10 out of 10 from me.  Thank you"

Stephan Testimonal

Stephan - Recruitment - Sept 2021

"Rachel was fantastic in aiding me with my printing issue, she was clear, informative and very professional."

Catrina Testimonal

Catrina - Charity - Sept 2021

"The issue was resolved quickly and the call taker was professional in his ability to resolve the issue and had a very courteous telephone manner."

Zenya Testimonal

Zenya - Accountants - Sept 2021

"Nathan dealt with my call efficiently and knew what my query was as soon as I said our company name and what I was calling about.  Cheers."

Isabella Testimonal

Isabella - Accountants - Sept 2021

"Problems are sorted quickly and in a friendly and professional manner. Vast improvement on previous company."

Michael Testimonal

Michael - Manufacturing - Sept 2021

"I had an issue with my one drive / sharepoint.  I called up. And was immediately speaking with someone who could help.  They logged onto my machine there and then, and we worked through the issue until it was resolved.  Took about 10 mins from dialing the number, to fixing the problem.  And it meant I could get on with my work.  Great stuff! Thanks!"

Robert Testimonal

Robert - Engineering - Aug 2021

"Great job Jacob, the printer strangely now works almost instantly where there hsd been about a 15 second delay ever since I started working here (which I assumed was the network).

Give this man a raise!"

Sally Testimonal

Sally - Advertising - Aug 2021

"Lee is fast, he knows what he is doing and explores everything in order to solve your problems, he fixed an issue quickly for me that had been a bother for a while.
Convene are part of our team here."

Helen  Testimonal

Helen - Manufacturer - Aug 2021

“Nathan was brilliant yesterday. The fault wasn't even Convene's issue but he stayed in contact to make sure we were getting it all sorted. “

Stuart Testimonal

Stuart - Accountants - Aug 2021

"Yet again Ian and the team came up with a solution straight away. They were able to think outside the box and link me up to the PTP software. Thanks again for the great service. ”

Vickie Testimonal

Vickie - Charity - July 2021

“I just wanted to pass on some feedback after Jacob’s site visit last week.  Jacob contacted me on the morning of the visit, to inform me of his arrival time.  He arrived on time and got straight to work.  He relocated our server to a different part of the building with minimal distruption as well as relocating several staff PC’s.  Jacob even checked and sorted some of our old IT equipment we had on site and gave me details of a recyle company for us to dispose securely.  He was so efficient and it was a pleasure to have him in the building.  All of the staff commented on what a lovely young man he was and how he came across as being really friendly, polite and extremely well organised.  Jacob is a credit to your company and I just wanted to pass on my observations.”

Lance Testimonal

Lance - Accountant - July 2021

"Richard was able to locate the problem but more importantly he was able to recover the emails that I thought had been permanently lost. This really saved me a lot of aggravation as I was now able to reply to the individuals straight away. The service was absolutely excellent.."

Jayde Testimonal

Jayde - Heating provider - July 2021

"Rachel was very helpful- definitely hope to get her again if I have to call. Issue resolved quickly."

Lisa Testimonal

Lisa - Accountant - July 2021

"Would just like to thank you all for your help and assistance when I was working from home last week."

Kerrigan Testimonal

Kerrigan - Construction - July 2021

"Many thanks for sorting that issue out for me. The printer is essential for me to do my job. You've saved my life!!! ;-) ”

Chetna Testimonal

Chetna - Homeware - July 2021

"Excellent service.  Sam sorted the issue straight away and his customer service was commendable."

Eunice Testimonal

Eunice - Charity - June 2021

“Great Service once again from Nathan at Convene IT. Problem solved quickly and efficiently. Many Thanks”

Megan  Testimonal

Megan - Manufacturer - June 2021

“Peter was really helpful as always. Sorted out my query and showed me an easier way of doing it aswell. Really helpful, quick and efficient.”

Andrew Testimonal

Andrew - Advertising - June 2021

“Excellent service from Jamie when I needed to reinstall my mailbox account to my i-phone. He was very clear and talked me through the process at a pace of which I was able to follow easily. Thanks again!"

Amy Testimonal

Amy - Charity = June 2021

“Nathan is brilliant, if ever I have an issue he is always willing to help. Despite my very slow laptop and lack of tech-nology skills, he is very patient.”

Kieran Testimonal

Kieran - Construction - June 2021

“Always such a pleasure dealing with Martyn and the team! Thank you Martyn for resolving our issue with Sage so very quickly - much appreciated :-)"

Sally  Testimonal

Sally - Marketing & Communications - May 2021

“Rachel was great, very helpful and tried a lot of different things before we managed to sort the issue.Thanks a lot Rachel!"

Mike Testimonal

Mike - Distributor - May 2021

“Best company in the world. Another issue fixed with ease. Thank you”

Debra Testimonal

Debra - Charity - May 2021

“Thank you to Ian I couldn't believe the phone was answered so quickly and the problem resolved quickly with someone who had patience to explain to me what the problem was.”

Cheryl Testimonal

Cheryl - Charity - May 2021

“Call almost immediately after email sent, Nathan resolved the issue quickly so I was able to get back to my meetings. Thanks ”

Anita Testimonal

Anita - Construction - May 2021

“Top class service - as always!! Nothing is ever too much trouble and Martyn was only happy to spend the time un-til we reached a resolution. Thank you Martyn!!"

Janice Testimonal

Janice - Charity - May 2021

“When in doubt, switch it off and start again!!!!!! Should have done that in the first place before calling. Sorry, but you were very helpful and we had a giggle at the end of the call. Thankyou."

John Testimonal

John - Utility - April 2021

“Karolina was easy to get in touch with, knew what the problem was and set about solving it keeping me updated constantly, I was advised when the problem was solved.  Thank you."

Michael Testimonal

Michael - Distributor - April 2021

“Efficient and speedy as ever. We call you the "best company in the world" in our office as you have never failed to fix any of our problems. ”

Zoe Testimonal

Zoe - Construction - April 2021

“Fantastic service today from Thomas, he was very polite, helpful and sorted out the problem in no time. Thanks Thomas for making the Sage update painless.”

Helen  Testimonal

Helen - Charity - April 2021

“As a new starter to the organisation, I have found Convene to be very friendly and supportive.  You have made my life a lot easier.  Thank you."

Michael Testimonal

Michael - Distributor - March 2021

"Efficient and speedy as ever.  We call you the "best company in the world" in our office.  As you have never failed to fix any of our problems."

Janine Testimonal

Janine - Charity - March 2021

"Jacob is always very personable and explains what he's doing.  Even if he can't resolve a problem he will always what the next steps are.  Great Support :)"

Eden Testimonal

Eden - Finance - March 2021

"Karolina made an arrangement, stuck to it, communicated about availability during the day and set everything up grand!  Thank you!"

Dave Testimonal

Dave - Landscaping - March 2021

"Your guys (Ken & Sam) helped us with Sage update this morning, they were great so I thought I’d write and say thanks.  We are approaching 5 months with Convene and I must say I’ve been really impressed with the support we get from your team.  Great levels of professionalism and it seems every time we ring, regardless of who picks up the phone, we get the same service and one way or another they find a way to fix the problem.  Excellent stuff thanks."

Andrew Testimonal

Andrew - Engineering - Feb 2021

"Thanks for the quick service.  Excellent reaction time and has saved us a lot of waiting around."

Bob Testimonal

Bob - Construction - Feb 2021

"Karolina has done an amazing job assisting me with an issue.  She has gone the extra mile to ensure the issue was resolved.  Kept me updated throughout and consistently tried new things to try and resolve the issue.  She has been professional and a pleasure to work with during this time.  If you guys have an employee of the month, my vote goes to Karolina!"

Alex Testimonal

Alex - Charity - Feb 2021

"Always a fantastic service - can't praise the patience of the staff highly enough, particularly Jack and Jacob.  Really appreciate the time they take, especially as I am hopeless with technology!"

Debbi Testimonal

Debbi - School - Feb 2021

Tom was fantastic, as always. Very supportive, efficient and always goes that extra mile to make sure that everything is working correctly before he leaves me.  He is also able to understand my ramblings when I appear to be unable to vocalise what I need. Thank you Tom!

Alison Testimonal

Alison - Charity - Jan 2021

"Hope you have a great Christmas and thanks for all that you have done for us – I can’t even begin to imagine how we would have managed with you guys!!"

Gary Testimonal

Gary - Manufacturer - Jan 2021

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the fantastic job Peter has done in getting everything set up and straight for us since Convene took over our IT management.  He has been the ultimate professional and very easy to deal with despite us not always having the information or understanding at certain points!!  The support team have always been very quick to deal with any day to day issues we have had that has needed sorting.  We look forward to continuing a good partnership in 2021."

Tracy Testimonal

Tracy - Charity - Jan 2021

"Ken was fab, very reassuring and friendly. He made me feel comfortable about the difficulties I had got into with my laptop. He explained everything clearly and ensured I understood each step. 10/10 for service well done and thank you."

Sean Testimonal

Sean - Distributor - Jan 2021

“Convene IT are simply the best.  Since our first day to this day there has never been 1 issue that wasn’t sorted asap. I can’t praise them enough all the staff are superb at their job, no fuss just gets it done. It’s a 10/10 from me. Thanks”

David Testimonal

David - Security - Dec 2020

"A huge thank you to Convene IT for your team's support and for going above and beyond during our new server upgrade. We opted to install a secondary server at the same time to provide additional resilience to maximise operations and keep downtime to an absolute minimum."

Cath Testimonal

Cath - Charity - Dec 2020

Just to say a huge thank you to Jacob for all his hard work in setting up our new office.  He’s been amazing and VERY patient with all of our team.  He has helped loads and hopefully led some of our organistion into the 21st Century.  Our staff thinks he's wonderful and always smiling(we think, under his mask).  He’s definitely convinced the team that we have made the right choice going over to you.

Amy  Testimonal

Amy - Charity - Dec 2020

“As you know, I love and appreciate everyone in the Convene IT team, as you're all so helpful and friendly.  Just wanted to say an extra special shout out to Jacob though for a huge piece of work he's helped me with in the last couple of days.  It was so complicated and I was losing my mind a bit but he reassured me and completed a lot of things I couldn't have.  He really went above and beyond what we would usually need."

James Testimonal

James - Ground Maintenance - Dec 2020

“We would like to thank you guys for all your support and help over the past year especially during the very difficult lockdown period which allowed us to operate successfully”

Lisa Testimonal

Lisa - Charity - Dec 2020

“I would like to thank Jamie for his help this in getting me back up and running on my laptop so quickly.  I firmly believe we should give credit where it is due and I would like to extend my thanks to the whole team at Convene.  Every time I have needed IT support, I have received a first-class service and couldn't thank you all enough - you are all fab!”

Eloise Testimonal

Eloise - Charity - Nov 2020

"The COVID-19 pandemic has created difficulties for us all and we have been through and continue to go through challenging times, as I am sure is the case for Convene.  I am so please to say we have been extremely lucky to have the continued support of local businesses such as yours.  It has been very reassuring to have the unstinting support and commitment from your team throughout this period.  In particular, we have been very grateful for your prompt response to our service calls, the enabling staff to work from home and the close liaison with us when addressing our more complicated IT issues.  I have no doubt that the diligence and professionalism of your team has enabled our team to continue to provide our expected level of care for our patients and their families, both with us and our local community.  Thanks once again."

Ian Testimonal

Ian - Manufacturer - Nov 2020

"Following a positive COVID-19 test by one of our office girls over the weekend we made the decision to tell all 7 of them to self-isolate for 2 weeks.  I sent an email to support first thing asking for some help in getting my home computer set up with a remote connection.  I also purchase two laptops so 2 of the girls could log in from home and continue to work.  This email was picked up by Paul.  By the close of business we had two laptops all set up.  I just wanted to say thank you to Paul for all his work and his quick response and let him know it was very much appreciated.  Whilst I will complain if I feel things are not as they should be it is important to say thanks when people really help you out and Convene have really helped me out.  Thanks."

Adam Testimonal

Adam - Wholesaler - Nov 2020

"You're all doing an amazing job to support businesses at the moment, the unsung heroes!"

Carole Testimonal

Carole - Charity - Nov 2020

"We have had IT support from Convene IT for several years now. It is vital for a small charity to have appropriate IT systems that enable us to offer the best service we can. We are too small to have our own IT department, and this is where Convene IT have been invaluable. During a recent office move they offered sound advice and set up new systems appropriate to our needs and budget. They are easily contacted if we have any difficulties and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. Advice is given without confusing us or using jargon. We have complete trust that Convene IT offer us what we need rather than services they just want to sell. Their support to us feels tailor made to our needs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Convene IT to other agencies."

Debi Testimonal

Debi - Manufacturer - Oct 2020

"I just wanted to say a really big Thank you to you all for the level of service we have been receiving from Convene.  It is definitely the best move we have made in appointing Convene IT support, from sending our first email as an introduction to the install of our equipment and the ongoing support, everyone has been amazing.  This morning I recieved a phone call prior to your office opening hours to ensure that a SAGE upgrade I made last night went well and I had no issues.  Great service!"

Nick Testimonal

Nick - Architect - Oct 2020

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the efforts, both yourself and your staff have put in to assist us in getting our remote working up and running.  When I have had to rely on your team's assistance to solve specific issues, they have all been as polite and helpful as always, despite the immense pressure you are all under."

Vicky Testimonal

Vicky - Credit Union - Oct 2020

"We very much appreciate the update and thank you and your team for your continued support.  It is times like these (which we hope will be very few and far between) that make you realise how important good IT support is."

David Testimonal

David - Security - Oct 2020

"I would just like to say a big thank you to you and all at Convene IT for your support over the last few weeks.  It is unparalleled what we are experiencing at the moment and the work load you must of have had to deal with, ensuring companies can continue to operate remotely is unprecedented.  People are first to complain when things are not going quite right but do not praise enough when people do good work.  Well I can say that not only have you done good, you have all gone above and beyond ensuring my company can continue to operate the best it can in these very uncertain months ahead.  On behalf of myself and my team, I want to pass my sincere gratitude and thanks onto you and all your employees at Convene IT and hope we can all pull together and do our upmost to see through these very uncertain times."

Debbie  Testimonal

Debbie - School - Oct 2020

"We have worked with Convene IT for one year.  During that time, they have taken us from a crisis position in terms of IT to one where we have an ongoing excellent relationship and IT that works to a high standard.  The staff are friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to help us.  The service is very efficient and supportive.  They provide a great day to day service but also, they forward plan on our behalf which takes the workload away from our staff.  We find that we are now one step ahead rather than trailing behind in IT terms.  I would highly recommend Convene IT as a service provider.  It has been a painless and stress free transition.  Thanks."

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